7 ways to help your Black friend today

I’m speaking directly to my white friends and family whom I love and respect, and who are dear to me. Before you began to consider this issue of race and disparity just a few short weeks ago, I chose you to be a part of my circle while I was already living with the issue. I don’t think any less of you now than I did before George Floyd died; I do expect more of you now, though. Just as your eyes have been opened to the inequality and injustice Black people have faced for centuries, Black people’s eyes are now open to see how you, the white people who say they love us, will handle this knowledge that is new to them.

Will you listen?

Just a few months ago on the way to a local coffee shop he visited often, my husband was verbally attacked by a white man who made threatening advances toward him. No one stepped in to come to my husband’s aid as the man screamed at him that he doesn’t belong here, and that he should go back to Somalia where he came from. Somalia?

May month in Belize

How it is that in the hottest month of the year, the trees are so beautiful and laden with fruit? Can I be like that? Even when I am being scorched by life's unfairness, and am thirsty from a lack of good things being poured into me, would it be possible for me to bloom and stand tall and be majestic?

Why you should visit La Isla de Flores, Guatemala

We’ve made at least four trips to Flores already this year. Before that, I had not been to Flores in about fifteen years. I thought the only reason one would go to Flores would be as a side trip to Tikal. I assumed the roads were still bad, and feared the presence and actions of … Continue reading Why you should visit La Isla de Flores, Guatemala