Will you listen?

Just a few months ago on the way to a local coffee shop he visited often, my husband was verbally attacked by a white man who made threatening advances toward him. No one stepped in to come to my husband’s aid as the man screamed at him that he doesn’t belong here, and that he should go back to Somalia where he came from. Somalia?

That’s not the way we do it

When your life is going a certain direction, you come to expect that it will always follow that trend. If five years turn into ten, and ten into twenty, and your general trajectory has been in one direction, you get used to how it’s been. You get comfortable. You begin to say things like, ‘This is how we do it.’ Then life throws you a curveball, and all you want is for things to be the way they’ve always been; but they can’t be ever again, because life is, well, life.

Why did I have to go through that?

I am learning that the things that break us are the things that make us most humble. They provide a venue for God to work in us, to bring healing, and to show us that part of Himself that we don't know we need until brokenness is all we know. We take His hand in the darkness and hold on to it for dear life because He doesn't try to avoid us. He doesn't run away from that broken place where you find yourself; instead He settles in for the long haul with you. He comforts you, soothes you, hears you out; and then bit by bit He brings you back out into the light.

Why you should visit La Isla de Flores, Guatemala

We’ve made at least four trips to Flores already this year. Before that, I had not been to Flores in about fifteen years. I thought the only reason one would go to Flores would be as a side trip to Tikal. I assumed the roads were still bad, and feared the presence and actions of … Continue reading Why you should visit La Isla de Flores, Guatemala